Feature x FIV

#1 Send thumbnails in pre-selection

Anyone with rights to the photos may send us photos (photographers, stylists, makeup artists, etc.).

First, send us low resolution thumbnails (either as separate JPEGs or in a PDF) so that our team can include it in the review. Please insert all important links at the same time: Websites, social media, etc. every artist, model, all credits.

Send your Photo selection an

L O W R E S O L U T I O N ( J P G s / P D F ) !!


#2 Wait for response

If we would like to publish the photos in the Webitorial, we will contact you within seven working days.

After confirmation, send us exactly the following measurements:

#3 Photo default

  • 1-10 photos
  • Exclusive and not published
    When we find out later that the photos have appeared elsewhere, we remove the track.
  • JPG/JPEG format
  • SRGB Color profile
  • Exact dimensions:
    8.5 × 11 inches, 300 dpi (pixels/inch)
    respectively 21.59 cm x 27.94, 300 dpi (pixels/inch)

The photos will be published as webitorial, perhaps also in the print edition.


  • The choice of photos and the layout is up to us. We may not use all recordings.
  • We do not give free copies of the print magazine. The magazine is printed and distributed exclusively by Magcloud.
  • We do not pay any compensation for the submission. All expenses must be borne by the project team.
  • The cover selection for the print edition is the responsibility of our team.