Rolf Benz upholstered furniture: comfort, design & quality combined in sofas, armchairs and co.

Rolf Benz Möbel – Are you looking for timeless design that is worth investing in? Then you’ve come to the right place. Rolf Benz inspires the interior world with its minimalist aesthetics, its love of comfort and its innovative creations. Are you interested in how a German furniture company has gained an international foothold in the interior world? Would you like to know which pieces of jewellery are worth investing in? All this and more will be revealed to you in the following article. Welcome to an interior realm where two worlds meet and harmonise perfectly – comfort and design! Tip: Are you interested in interior design and interior styles? Then take a look at the overview pages: Furnishing rooms & XXL interior styles.

Rolf Benz: Furniture of the highest quality for living rooms & co.

Interior dreams from Germany? Rolf Benz makes this dream a reality. The company creates minimalist luxury furniture in a timeless but no less extraordinary design. The clear design signature runs like a red thread through the design repertoire and leaves furniture collections with recognition value! Convince yourself!

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Germany - Spain - USA

Timeline: Timeless elegance meets premium quality

  • 1964: The beginning of the „Made in Germany“ furniture company (starts with seating furniture)
  • 1964: Upholsterer Rolf Benz launches his company in Nagold, Germany
  • 1970s: great success with the first „Addiform“ sofa and armchair
  • 1971: own stand at the Cologne furniture fair
  • 1972: first branch office in Germany
  • 1980s: Campaigns in unusual locations – „Over the Top“ – „stand out“ was the motto in the 80s
  • 1980s: Campaign shoots in Park Güell, Santorini & Moma Museum in New York
  • 1990s: expands internationally
  • 1990s: TV appearance of a Rolf Benz sofa on the ZDF show „Die rote Couch“ (The Red Couch)
  • 2010s: Launch of „Freistil Rolf Benz“ – creative lifestyle
  • 2010s: Projects – „25hours hotel langstraße“, various hotels etc.,
  • 2018: Luxury modular sofa „Nuvola“ wins the „German Design Award 2018“.
  • 2020: Designing strong, new products in line with the 21st century
  • 2020: first flagship store in Tokyo and Shanghai
  • 2020: „Furniture Made in Germany“ certificate of the German furniture industry

Successful philosophy at interior giant Rolf Benz

Rolf Benz combines modern zeitgeist and revolutionary thinking and breaks with traditional furniture arrangements. Numerous awards and awards won testify to the international success. (red dot award: product design etc.)

Rolf Benz describes himself humorously:

„Nothing but wonderful!“

What can you look forward to with Rolf Benz furniture? What does the brand stand for? The core competence of Rolf Benz is upholstered furniture. Whether it’s a stylish single sofa or a modular sofa range – luxury, comfort and quality are always at the top of the list. In addition to the aesthetic upholstered furniture, Rolf Benz has expanded its range to include tables and accessories. One thing is always certain – Rolf Benz stands for and inspires with the following competences:

  • International success with high sympathy ratings
  • Progressive in the area of system programs (consideration of ergonomic needs)
  • Focus on comfort and quality („Made in Germany – made by Rolf Benz“)
  • Timeless design – minimalist look, maximum style
  • Continuous improvement in the area of sustainability
  • Personalised production requests on request

Video: Rolf Benz „Made in Germany“

Since its founding, Rolf Benz has stood for premium upholstered furniture of the highest quality. „Made in Germany“ has been inseparable from the interior design house since 1964, which manufactures luxurious furniture in the North Black Country region for customers in over 50 countries. The interplay of traditional craftsmanship and innovative production methods creates the popular minimalist and elegant aesthetics. The following video will give you a closer look. See for yourself!

Sofa: the favourite upholstered furniture from Rolf Benz

Are you looking for the perfect sofa that combines simple design, modern aesthetics and a timeless look? Then Rolf Benz is the right choice for you. The furniture company knows how to combine minimalist chic with maximum comfort and style. Without exceeding the level of opulence, of course. Minimalist in look, but not in style! Convince yourself?

Rolf Benz Cara: one couch – 1000 options

Beauty draws us in. Character does not let us go. Rolf Benz knows how to play with these qualities and combines both. The result? The „Cara“ sofa. This couch model convinces not only with its elegant aesthetics, but also with its functionality. Rolf Benz has created a system programme that allows a wide range of design options and innovative comfort functions. 5 seat and sofa widths, 10 module elements, 2 side section heights, 2 seat heights, 3 seat depths, 11 foot variants and 2 upholsteries let „Cara“ appear in a new light. Individual design, optimised comfort and personalised design inspire the interior world. We like!

  • Sofa Rolf Benz CARA in fabric: from 3.253,- Euro
  • Sofa Rolf Benz CARA in leather: from 4.105,- Euro

Rolf Benz Liv: German technology meets Italian design

The designer Luca Nichetto creates a couch system that can adapt to the different, modern living conditions of the 21st century. The narrow, rectangular sofa legs in black, which stand out in contrast to the seat cover, act as an eye-catcher. The seat ensemble shines in leather look or other high-quality materials, which invite you to spend some cosy hours. Whether 2-seater sofa, modular sofa or couch armchair – this couch model meets every customer wish!

  • Sofa Rolf Benz LIV in fabric: from 6.020,- Euro
  • Sofa Rolf Benz LIV in leather: from 7.163,- Euro

Video: Rolf Benz Liv. Liv. Your Life.

A sofa that will improve your life. Optimized comfort, unique design and a timeless aesthetic make it almost impossible not to put this sofa at the top of your wish list. See for yourself!

Tables: Minimalist look for dining room, kitchen & co.

Whether it’s a fashion book, the daily acai bowl for breakfast or the scented candle in the evening – all your favourite home accessories long for the perfect place to stand – the table creations by Rolf Benz. Rolf Benz creates tables for every occasion – from artistic coffee tables to functional dining tables and small side tables, the company convinces the interior world with all its variations. See for yourself!

Side table in marble look: Rolf Benz 926

Are you looking for a couch table that acts as a key piece in your living room? The Rolf Benz 926 is the answer to all your questions. The round side table inspires in its artistic aesthetics with geometric cut-out patterns made of metal. The lacquered table top made of solid wood in marble look offers the perfect finish. We like!

  • Coffee table Rolf Benz 926: from 890,- Euro

Dining table Rolf Benz 957: Functionality and design combined

Rolf Benz 957 inspires in its elegant, puristic look and its extendable function. The exceptional craftsmanship and the almost invisible double extension make this dining table shine in every home. Whether it’s a small dinner party with friends, a large family gathering at Christmas or a daily breakfast alone with your book – this table is ready for any situation!

  • Dining table Rolf Benz 957 180 x 100 cm: 3.563,- Euro

Carpets & accessories: perfecting the furnishings

Rolf Benz has made a name for itself for its upholstered furniture in the form of sofas, armchairs and co. The successful concept of the German furniture company is based on the successful combination of quality, design and comfort. However, Rolf Benz does not only want to create furniture, he wants to convey a feeling – a „home feeling“ with his furniture. What better way to do this than with matching accessories, which perfectly express the minimalist aesthetic and the love of comfort and lightness! See for yourself:

Upholstery: the perfect counterpart for upholstered furniture with cushions & co.

Rolf Benz is associated with luxurious, aesthetic upholstered furniture. But what are sofas, armchairs and co. without the matching accessories? The furniture company also offers stylish cushions, which set comfortable, stylish accents. Matching cushions with matching covers are offered for the sofa and other upholstered furniture. Rolf Benz creates monochrome upholstered cushions, motif cushions and whatever else your heart desires. The cushions are priced in the following range:

  • Rolf Benz upholstered cushion in fabric: from 94,- Euro
  • Rolf Benz upholstered cushions in leather: from 152,- Euro

Rolf Benz Otto: modern all-rounder carpet

„Home is not a place, but a feeling“ – comfort, well-being and warmth play an important role here. A role that the carpets by Rolf Benz are able to take perfectly. Made of pure new wool – a sustainable, renewable raw material – the carpet inspires with its graphic design and function. Dirt-repellent, elastic, sound-absorbing and much more is the unique piece of Rolf Benz. A carpet, which is available in numerous colours and different sizes, turns every home into an oasis of well-being. Convince yourself!

  • Carpet Rolf Benz Otto 180 x 180 cm: 2.099,- Euro

Beds like heaven from Rolf Benz: Tondo, Sono and more

Bedrooms must radiate peace and comfort in order to promise optimal sleep. Nothing could be easier with the simple, stylish bed creations in purist look by Rolf Benz. The company knows how to present its minimalist design perfectly – so designs by Rolf Benz let every ambience shine in a calm, minimalist, elegant and stylish light!

Good night – Hello Rolf Benz Tondo

A dream bed in minimalist, but no less stylish aesthetics – A bed that invites you to dream. The headboard shines in an „embracing“ look and perfectly complements the simple bed frame. This „cozy lounge“ is available in three widths and lengths. Whether you dream of a box spring bed or a classic bed with mattress and slatted frame – Rolf Benz Tondo fulfils your every wish. A bed in a casual and timeless design, which finds its place in a puristic, clean bedroom as well as in a colourful villa. Convince yourself!

  • Rolf Benz TONDO in fabric: from 4.124 Euro
  • Rolf Benz TONDO in leather: from 5.836 Euro

Dream bed Rolf Benz Sono: artistic aesthetics meets comfort

An extraordinary bed model with an eye-catching headboard. The headboard shines in an elaborate diamond gathering and leather look. A perfect example of the company’s perfectly formed craftsmanship. The subtle opulence is optimised thanks to the filigree bed legs in black, making the bed appear weightless and elegant. A dream bed that is almost too beautiful to take your eyes off the work of art. Nothing stands in the way of your beauty sleep!

  • Rolf Benz SONO in fabric: from 4.252,- Euro
  • Rolf Benz SONO in leather: from 5.559,- Euro

Armchairs and chairs in the interior realm of Rolf Benz

Dreaming of an evening of cosy reading, a hot cup of tea and a snug cushion? Then the stylish and no less comfortable armchair creations by Rolf Benz are just right for you. The minimalist, clean design complements any room and promises optimal comfort and design in one. A promise you can look forward to. Convince yourself!

Iconic cult armchair: Rolf Benz 594

This jewel with cult status by Rolf Benz inspires with its refined combination of comfort and design. A true eye-catcher. Visually, the high-back chair shines with soft edges, a balanced back curve, elegant wooden legs and high-quality material (fabric or leather). In terms of colour and pattern, there are no limits to your dreams – from olive green to checked pattern to mustard yellow, every colour and pattern wish is fulfilled here. Furthermore, you can optionally purchase a stool and a kidney cushion in the same look. We like!

  • Rolf Benz 594 in fabric: from 1.738,- Euro
  • Rolf Benz 594 in leather: from 2.200,- Euro

Rolf Benz 384: Graziler armchair in simple & elegant

A graceful armchair, which delights the design world with striking piping and a rounded shape. Whether you are looking for a place to read, relax or drink tea, the Rolf Benz 384 invites you to any situation. Its simple, elegant design complements any home. Fully covered, with a concealed carcass construction, it can be interpreted in a very personal way through the choice of upholstery. Special editions are also available, such as „Colors of Rolf Benz“, where you can choose between two high-quality fabrics in a total of 28 modern colours. Nothing stands in the way of your personal design process!

  • Rolf Benz 384 in fabric: from 1.286,- Euro
  • Rolf Benz 384 in leather: from 1.932,- Euro

Shopping in showrooms, furniture stores and the like.

Have you been convinced by the philosophy and the combination of design and comfort? Are you already dreaming of investing in aesthetic Rolf Benz furniture? Then you can personally convince yourself of the qualitative design in various showrooms. Furthermore, you can fulfil your dream in different furniture stores on an international level. In Germany alone, Rolf Benz is sold at various locations in almost every city. So nothing stands in the way of your dream furnishing. Happy shopping!

Video: Flagship Store in Tokyo

The success of Rolf Benz seems greater than ever and yet not yet at its peak. Latest success? The expansion to Japan. A flagship store in Tokyo gives reason to rejoice. The following video offers you a small overview of a German interior empire, which is successful on the other side of the world!